Welcome to The Permagrin Alliance


Permagrinís team of talented professionals provides the very best technological support for any business.

Permagrinís mission is to provide its clients with the best concept development, design, and delivery of cutting edge products.

The wide scope of experts and talent give Permagrin a unique selling point in offering a wide range of services and catering for varying needs of clients, ensuring consistent, reliable and to-the-point service.

The founders of the company and their associates are comprised of individuals and organizations with proven business management skills and an extensive network of high-profile contacts.

Permagrin was founded to provide premiere service and expertise to individuals, families, and businesses by providing hardware and software installation, web design and management, network design and consultation, and continued technical support.

Permagrinís expertise in hardware and software, product design and management, integrated systems design, and technological expertise enable the company to offer services ranging from dynamic content applications for the web to persuasive multimedia products to 3D design and packaging.

For more information, please contact permagrin@permagrin.net